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David L. Adams Apple Awards


Take home the coolest trophy in college media: your very own (little) Apple. Inspired by the convention’s setting, CMA’s David L. Adams Apple Awards are NYC22’s best-of-show contest.


Pre-paying for your Apple Entries with Convention Registration (recommended)
Attendees will have the ability to pre-pay for entries when registering for the convention.

Onsite Entries
Enter and pay for entries onsite for the David L. Adams Apple Awards at the registration area. There is an additional fee for registering onsite. All entries for the NYC22 Apple Awards are due onsite by the deadline, Thursday, March 10 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Submitting your Apple Entries
With the exception of the onsite contest (Copy Editing), all entries will be made via online form, and all entries must be in electronic format. Participants must be registered for NYC22 to enter and all entries are $15 to enter ($20 if you register onsite entry). Once you have paid, you can submit your entries through this online form. Only one entry per category per publication. All entries must have been published or broadcast between March 1, 2021 and March 1, 2022.

Apple Awards Ceremony
On Saturday, March 12, CMA will hand out its awards, each a gorgeous, two-pound piece of wood, metal and marble. Cheer for your co-workers, yourself and your competition and let’s give college journalists the recognition they deserve.

2022 Categories

  1. Best Facebook Page. Your college media outlet’s Facebook page will be judged on the quality and the quantity of the following: its status updates, the news it reports or links to and the original photos it posts. Also crucial: the number of fans and the accuracy of copy editing.
  2. Best Tweet. In 140 characters, what did your college media outlet communicate to its readers and what did the tweet link to?
  3. Best Homepage. The front page of your website, like the front page of a newspaper, should offer a breadth of exciting campus coverage. Is it well-designed and well-written? Is it loaded with inviting places to click?
  4. Best Multimedia Package. And we mean real multimedia – submit the URL to a package that combines at least two types of media. That can mean a written story with video embedded. Or a slideshow. Or an animated graphic. Or any combination of this stuff.
  5. Best News Delivery. This category recognizes excellence in a news outlet’s efforts to distribute information about a single event, along with any updates, through social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  6. Best Podcast This category recognizes excellence in content, production quality and innovative use of audio in the podcast. Entries should be no longer than five minutes and may be a segment of a longer podcast.
  7. Best Newspaper (four year school, fewer than 5,000 undergraduate enrollment) At really small schools, the workload is double and the burnout is triple. The core staff can be counted on one hand. Yet that dedicated handful meets deadline, beats the local competition and accomplishes the impossible with every issue.
  8. Best Newspaper (four year school, 5,0000 to 10,000 undergraduate enrollment) Let’s explode a myth: Small-school staffs are not small-time journalists. They overcome hurdles their bigger counterparts never have to face. In fact, you could say they work harder to get each edition out the door. We recognize and honor these small-school, no-excuses journalists.
  9. Best Newspaper (four year school, more than 10,000 undergraduate enrollment) So here’s the category for the big boys. You know the drill: We want to see the best of everything in one issue, from design to reporting to writing to those clever cutlines in your A&E section. And there better not be a single misspelling.
  10. Best Newspaper (two year school) There are so many unique challenges facing the two year school newspaper staff, but one way or another, you meet deadline with outstanding local coverage. Producing a publication for the diverse student population is always a challenge, but when your staff is only there for a couple years, you learn fast.
  11. Best Yearbook Cover. Submit one PDF of the cover only. Judges will consider both design and text.
  12. Best Yearbook Spread. That’s two pages side by side. Judges will consider both design and text.
  13. Best Magazine Cover (two or four year schools) Submit one PDF of the cover only. Judges will consider both design and text. (*if substantial number of entries are received for two year schools, two year schools will be judged as its own category).
  14. Best Magazine Spread (two or four year schools) That’s two pages side by side. Judges will consider both design and text. (*if substantial number of entries are received for two year schools, two year schools will be judged as its own category).
  15. Best Radio Promo. Submit a URL to your best radio promo. The promo can be for a station, a show or a special event. All promos should be :30 seconds or less, and will be judged on the quality of production, clarify of the message, and bonus points for originality and fun.
  16. Best Print Ad. This can be house ad for your own media outlet or something your staff designed for a client. We don’t care, as long as it’s breathtaking. We want to see eye-grabbing design with integrated text. It doesn’t have to be a big ad, but it has to think big. Submit one PDF that’ll wow us.
  17. NYC22 Design Contest. Submit a cover, a single page or spread layout, an ad, a screengrab of your online/digital layout, or even an image of an infographic, chart or special graphic illustration you made. We’re judging only the design, so make sure it’s extra-awesome! Winning work will not only win an Apple Award, but will also be displayed on the Society of Publication Designers website.  
  18. Onsite category: NYC22 Copy Editing Contest. 
  19. New this year: Best COVID Coverage. This special category recognizes excellence in a news outlet’s coverage of COVID-19. Submissions may include both traditional and social media coverage from one media outlet. Please limit the number of supporting materials to 3.

For additional information, contact Apple Awards coordinator Don Krause at and Brian Thompson at

Submissions will be accepted online starting the first week of January. You have until Thursday, March 10 at 3:00 p.m. ET to submit.