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2022 NYC Student Newsroom staff

The 2022 New York Student Newsroom will cover sessions and keynote speakers for this year’s College Media Convention.

Elena Eberwein is a graduate student at Emerson College earning her master’s in journalism. She studied media production in her time as an undergraduate at Marist College, interning in both public and private media. She’s transitioning back into the media industry after taking a few years to work as a flight attendant and travel the globe. Her hobbies include embroidery, kickboxing, cooking for friends, listening to podcasts, and reading in the back galleys of airplanes.

Raul Flores is a senior at New Mexico State University pursuing a major in Journalism & Mass Communication with a minor in English. He is the editor-in-chief of NMSU’s independent student news organization, The Round Up. Other than writing, reading books and re-watching old movies are among his usual hobbies. Film has always been one of his greatest passions, so he loves to write film criticism. He was able to explore this passion during his work with Incluvie, a film sharing and reviewing website that focuses on diversity in film, as well as writing movie reviews for The Round up. Flores is looking to maintain the journalistic integrity of The Round Up during his time in the Editor-in-Chief chair, but also trying to lead the team into new places to let it grow as a publication. 

Joshua Pohl is the editor in chief of the Griffon News and the social media manager of Griffon Esports. Pohl hopes to write stories on the videogame industry. Pohl began his writing for a newspaper at Riverside High School. From there he moved on to college as a reporter for The Griffon News and shortly after taking on the positions he holds today. He plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in convergence journalism and a minor in strategic communication. Pohl began playing videogames since Pokemon Red came out on the Gameboy, and now plays story and turn based games on Playstation and Nintendo consoles.

Matthew Poust is a senior media & journalism major at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. He is from New Oxford, Pennsylvania and is the managing editor of The Voice, Bloomburg’s student newspaper. He started there as a sports reporter. Besides that, Poust has an internship at the Press Enterprise in Bloomburg, where he works as a feature reporter.

Whitney Thomas is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism at Southern University.  She has pursued Journalism since her junior year of high school and now is a news editor and Fox44 production assistant. Outside of class, she spends her time covering on campus news stories and producing news at Fox. 

The students will be advised by two CMA members:

Sacha DeVroomen Bellman is a journalism faculty member at Miami University. She is the business adviser to all student media at Miami and is the editing/design adviser of a lab newsite called The Oxford Observer.

Katrina Chandler is the student media adviser for New Mexico State University overseeing KRUX 91.5 FM and The Round Up news publication.