CMA Trauma Journalism Certification

Advisers and students attending College Media Association’s Spring National College Media Convention can earn the association’s first Trauma Journalism certification. The certification is meant to equip advisers and students with a basic understanding of reporting on traumatic events, recognizing emotional trauma symptoms and self care.

The certification consists of 10 sessions—seven required sessions and three elective sessions. Trauma certified experts and experienced professional journalists will lead the sessions. Any registered convention attendee is eligible to participate in the certification program.

Required Trauma Journalism certification sessions are:

  • Reporting on Traumatic Events (This is the first session in the certification series.)
  • Recognizing Emotional Trauma (This is the second session in the certification series.)
  • Interviewing Victims
  • Handling Sensitive Visuals or Handling Sensitive Layouts (one can be required with the other serving as an elective, if participants choose to attend both)
  • Trauma on College Campuses
  • Ethics in Trauma Coverage
  • Self Care for Journalists

CMANYC20 electives for the Trauma Journalism certification are:

  • Covering Campus Crime
  • Covering #MeToo
  • Wrongful Convictions: How Cops Dupe Judges, Juries and Journalists
  • Covering Suicide on Campus
  • Covering Tragedy and Conflict on Campus

Trauma Journalism certification sessions are marked as such on the convention app. Participants will receive a signature sheet during the first certification session to collect signatures verifying attendance in certification sessions throughout the convention. Attendees who complete the certification will be mailed a certificate of completion after the convention.