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Media Tours

NYC22 attendees have a chance to visit Bloomberg and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of their operations through the Spring National College Media Convention’s media tour.

Students will see the operations of Bloomberg Radio and Television. Bloomberg Radio operates four radio stations (NY, Washington, DC, Boston and San Francisco) – all from its NY headquarters. Additionally, the Bloomberg Radio Network provides business reports to 300 affiliates nationwide including CBS-owned all-news stations such as 1010WINS and WCBS in New York, and major stations in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and elsewhere. Bloomberg Television also broadcasts from our NY headquarters.

Bloomberg’s headquarters is housed in one of the tallest buildings in New York City. Bloomberg occupies the first 29 floors. Floors 32-55 consist of luxury condominiums. Famous residents have included Beyonce & Jay-Z, producer Joe Roth, billionaire Steven Cohen, New York Yankees Johnny Damon, and others.

The tour will be Thursday, March 10 at 9 a.m.

Please note – due to security requirements, signups are handled in advance. There will be NO onsite signups. Participants will be required to show their proof of vaccination and ID AND take a COVID test at Bloomberg before they will be able to enter. The name on your ID must match the name on the form. If you are not willing to meet this requirement, do NOT sign up for the lottery. There will be no switching or swapping.

Lottery winners will meet up onsite at the hotel and travel as a group.

NYC22 attendees can enter a lottery for a spot on the tour. The lottery was open at 9:00 a.m. ET on February 28 and close at 4:00 p.m. ET on March 1.  Sign up once. If you are selected, you will find out around March 3.

The lottery has now closed. The list of winners is posted below

Chaperone: Jeremy Whiting

Deanna Durben
Taylor Haelterman
Caroline Urbanic
Ryan Maxin Noe Nekotani
Lara Bonatesta
Joshua Pohl
Miles Shellshear
Kaylee Brown
Monete Troche
Duncan Slade
Jamie Suarez
Krista Rados
George McNeill

These individuals are not guaranteed admission but should plan to meet at the meet-up spot at the hotel and if one of the lottery winners above doesn’t arrive, they will be able to join.
Hannah Campbell
Nicholas Kratsas
Trenton Straight

How to attend your tour

If you are selected, you will be notified after the lottery takes place. You will be notified if you will be walking or using mass transit to reach your host site. If you are using mass transit, obtain your own MetroCard in advance of your tour. Your tour will not stop for you to purchase a MetroCard on the way. Students have been left behind because they were delayed in purchasing a MetroCard.

Arrive at your meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to your tour’s departure. Students on the waiting list should arrive at this time as well. Students who are not at the meeting point (not “on the way”) at the time of the tour start will be replaced by students on the waiting list. If previously confirmed students arrive after the chaperone has taken waiting list students, the original students can only join the tour if there is still space remaining at that point. Only students who are on the original list or on the specific tour waiting list may attend the tour–those are the only names submitted to the host site.

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