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Convention Schedule

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This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Check back for the full schedule as the convention approaches.

Wednesday, March 11
  • Pre-Convention Specialty Workshops 1-4 p.m. (Pre-registration and additional fee required)

Let’s Get Down to Business: Running a Sustainable Student Media Operation, $49 per person         

“What does the business operations at your student media organization look like these days? When is the last time you took a hard look at its structure, stability, and sustainability? Are you happy with the way things are, or do they make you a bit … uncomfortable?

This workshop will walk students, student managers, and advisers through getting organized, the sales process, generating new revenue streams, and offering alternative ways to think about your organization in relevant and innovative perspectives.

Attendees will discuss how to recruit talent, staff departments, train employees, and maintain the business side of their student media group. You’ll leave with new ideas and the information and tools needed to reinvent and reinvigorate your business-side operations.

Charlie Weaver, MN Daily Media

Editorial Leadership, $49 per person   

It’s not enough anymore to just worry about your section editors working with their reporters and photojournalists to produce solid content for your newspaper and website. Now you have to lead and motivate a newsroom that provides news to its community 24/7 on a variety of platforms. And you’re doing all of that with a limited budget and, likely, a smaller staff. Did I mention that you still need to succeed in your classes and you may want to have a social life? I promise, it can be done and done well. Let’s talk about your concerns and I’ll give you tools to resolve some of your greatest leadership challenges and create something like balance in your life.         

Kenna Griffin, University of Southern Indiana

Big East Basketball Tournament Sports Workshop, $49 per person           

This session will provide sports reporting training and hands-on experience covering the Big East Basketball Tournament at Madison Square Garden. It will feature a pre-con session that previews the tournament and prepares students for the rigors of covering a major sporting event. Participants will be assigned a session of the tournament to cover. Subsequent days of the convention will feature a single 50-minute session to review the previous day’s reporting and preview that day’s sessions. LIMITED TO 16 STUDENTS.

Steven Chappell, Northwest Missouri State University

Safe Spaces: Micro-aggressions in Our Content and Workspaces, $49 per person          

The goal of this session is to introduce the concept of microaggressions to student journalists and further their understanding by engaging them in activities around spotting micro-aggressions within the office culture and in their content creation. 

Tamara Zellars Buck, Southeast MO State University

Google Storytelling and Research Tools for All Journalists, $15 per person (which covers the cost of Wi-Fi)

Everyone uses Google, but how do you advance from being an “everyday” user to a power user? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll take a deep dive into a handful of free Google Tools. Attendees will come away with strategies to help research more accurately and efficiently as well as training in tools that will help them tell more interactive stories. Come with a laptop and a free Google/Gmail account and leave with confidence and experience in Google’s tools for journalists.

Frank Bi

Thursday, March 12
  • Convention registration and check-in
  • Critique signup and Apple Award entry submissions will run most of the day
  • Keynote
  • Sessions run throughout the day
Friday, March 13
  • Convention registration and check-in
  • Keynote
  • Sessions run throughout the day
Saturday, March 14
  • Sessions run from 9-11 a.m.
  • Keynote
  • Apple Awards presentation after keynote
  • Convention ends at 1 p.m.