Pre-Convention Workshops, Wednesday, March 6

The Business of Producing Television: The Things You’re Not Learning In Class | 1-4 p.m. | $49

You’ve learned how to write scripts, run camera, operate master control, and produce content. Now you have your own idea for producing a TV show or documentary. Whut? It actually costs money to do that? “Well, uhm…like, Ok. Hmmm!”

This broadcast pre-con session exposes you the hard truths about getting projects funded. Learn how to research potential brand sponsors and investors, connect with decision makers, build leverage packages and write proposals. See sample proposals, what a national production budget looks like; and, learn how to calculate sponsorship levels and why MRI data matters. Participants should bring a laptop.

Presented by Ira David Levy, Pedal America and Appalachian State University

Designing for Excellence: Layout Tips from the Pros | 1-4 p.m. | $49

For 40 years SND has been the authority on news design. Our members are shaping the future of journalism through stronger visuals. During this workshop you’ll get a chance to work design experts to learn better practices, critique your work and gain new perspectives on the industry. Come prepared to think, collaborate and critique.

Presented by Aviva Loeb, Digital Designer for Emerging News Products at The Washington Post

Managing Microaggressions: How to Improve Your Content and Staff | 1-4 p.m. | $49

If your staff makes the same mistakes most professional media make when it comes to inclusion and diversity, you need to gather your last four print issues and attend this hands-on workshop. Participants will explore how microaggressions in newsrooms and content can inhibit the recruitment of diverse staffs and offend audience members. They’ll then exchange papers for a content analysis session before learning some short- and long-term strategies for improving staff diversity and news coverage. 

This session is designed for student leaders, but a few seats have been reserved for faculty/staff advisers.

Presented by: Tamara Zellars Buck, Southeast Missouri State University

More pre-cons to be added soon. Check back!