Wednesday, March 9: Pre-Convention Specialty Workshops 1-4 p.m. (Pre-registration and additional fee required)

A 9/11 Deep Dive | $49

Come to this workshop with New York City journalists who were in their early 20s when 9/11 happened to understand this history and its impact on the US and world. Join Clemente Lisi, then of The New York Post, and Paul Glader, then of The Wall Street Journal, for an off-site special workshop at The King’s College a few blocks from the World Trade Center. The session includes a walk to the 9/11 Memorial in lower Manhattan.

Presented by Paul Glader and Clemente Lisi, The King’s College

Big East Basketball Tournament | $49 – SOLD OUT

Students enrolled in the hands-on New York Sports Preconvention Workshop will have the opportunity to cover the Big East basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden. Each day, the group will meet to plan the day’s coverage, as well as critique the previous days’ work. Sports professionals will also meet with students to talk about the demands of tournament coverage and the best ways for journalists to maximize their coverage while finding hidden stories. Following that day’s games, students will produce content for publication on the convention website.

Presented by: Steven Chappell, Northwest Missouri State University

Media Law Boot Camp | $49 
This fast paced, deep dive into the basics of media law is perfect for editors, staff, advisers and just about anyone with a role in student media. We will cover the basics of student press law 101, copyright, libel, access to information and how to deal with difficult topics like takedowns, reporting on #MeToo. We’ll have some interactive exercises and a chance for you to “think like the lawyer…” It will be a fun pre-con which will help you spot and understand basic media law issues before they become a problem.

Presented by Mike Hiestand, Senior Legal Counsel, SPLC and Hadar Harris, Executive Director, SPLC

Microaggressions, Macroaggressions, and Bias in Media | $49
Media play a major role in creating and sustaining negative attitudes about people who are not members of one’s own “in group.” The goal of this session is to help participants identify and respond to shortcomings in representing identity in content creation.

Presented by: Tamara Zellars Buck, Southeast Missouri State University

Video Storytelling for Social Media | $49

Today’s nonfiction video storytelling exists on multiple platforms, more recently on emerging platforms, like TikTok. This workshop will provide a crash course in shooting and producing social media reports. Leading the session is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning video journalist and educator. Bring a laptop and camera (it can be your phone!) to participate in hands-on portions of the workshop.

Presented by: Josh Davis, San Francisco State University and Board Member of National Press Photographers Association and Rebecca Davis, Documentary director & video journalist